Get fed episode 8

15 July, 2023

In this episode of Get Fed, we feature our first LOCAL cafe and it’s one that you won't want to miss! And today’s guest is none other than Nicole Choo who has started her own croissant business! Besides, trying her unique localised croissants, we also learnt more about her in this episode! (Did you know she dislikes the word ‘peckish’)

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Krazy Kroissants

Started by Nicole, Krazy Kroissants (with 2 Ks!!) is an online-based croissant delivery service that is here for you 24 HOURS everyday! She actually came up with the recipe herself and it is tasted to her liking! They offer many localised renditions of Croissants that are not commonly seen! We managed to try sweet croissants such as Kaya King($8.50) and Lucid Cream($8.50), as well as savoury croissants such as the Eggs-plosive!($10) and What A Catch!($12).

For an additional $2 we got turkey bacon on our Eggs-plosive! and we’d highly recommend you do the same! The Eggs-plosive was very substantial and had a strong flavour of truffle infused with the egg. The overall flavours really impressed us and we could see why this was one of their bestsellers! What A Catch! was also notable with their fresh tuna mayo salad as well as the nice contrast the mustard, capers and onion give! The tuna tasted very fresh and we confirmed it was not canned tuna. Ben even said it was better than the seafood in Perth??!

As for the sweet croissants, The Lucid Cream is a combination of cream cheese and condensed milk which surprisingly goes well together. It almost reminds you of mantou and condensed milk that you can get at certain zi char places.Although it looks very unassuming, the Kaya King gave us a very premium feel as it feels like a western twist to our local kaya toast. They also use cream cheese in it which somehow managed to slip through Ben’s taste buds(He is really sensitive to cheese) and goes interestingly well together.

There are also sweetened and unsweetened drinks offered to pair with your croissants! The Lit chee($6.90) Is a sweetened lychee tea with floral notes of rose in it, which we felt was a nice twist. Additionally, What A Peach!($6.90) is a rose peach tea which has a nice layering of flavours, namely the invigorating bitterness of the tea, followed by the sweet flavour of the peach and the subtle floral hint of rose.

While all the croissants were good, our favourite had to be the crowd favourite, Eggs-plosive which really stole the show with its strong truffle profile and substantial turkey bacon. Krazy Kroissants despite being a 24 hour service do not compromise on the quality of their croissants and they still taste premium and fresh even after delivery. So rest assured whenever you are ordering this, whether for breakfast or supper! You can also use our code <GETFEDKK10> for 10% off your order!

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Delivery

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Le Taste

Nestled in Bistro 8 at Foch Road, we have Le Taste, a humble western food stall selling western fusion food! This might have to do with the owner's 11 years of experience with zi char in the past! In total, we tried their Black Pepper Chicken Chop($7), Cereal Mayo Chicken Cutlet($7.50), Smokey Ducky Olio($7), and Grilled Salmon Don($7.50).

 The Chicken Chop was sizeable and came with a side of garden salad and fries, so it was definitely value for money. The chicken itself was cooked well, with a slightly charred skin and moist, tender meat. The house-made black pepper sauce was strong in its flavour and definitely enjoyable with the chicken.

Don’t be deterred by the combination of Cereal and Mayonnaise!. The Cereal Mayo Chicken Cutlet was better than expected. The mayonnaise was more savoury than sweet which gave the dish a hint of sweetness. The breaded chicken was crispy with added crunch from the cereal bits, and the slight sweetness from the mayonnaise. 

The salmon in the salmon don was perfectly cooked as it was still juicy and the mentaiko sauce was not too overpowering.

Our self proclaimed Aglio Olio connoisseur, Nicole (who apparently eats it every week) really enjoyed Le Taste’s Smokey Ducky Olio. It had al dente  noodles, strong garlic flavour and slight spiciness from the chilli added in. The pasta was also loaded with duck slices and button mushrooms, all for the price of $7, which is more than reasonable to us! 


Overall, Le taste serves tasty western fusion food at very affordable prices and their Aglio Olio is worth a shot with its quality and affordability!

Address: 30 Foch Rd, Singapore 209276
Opening Hours:1230 - 0030 (Mon to Sun)


This Minimalist Cafe sells the BEST tiramisu we’ve EVER tried🥇

Originally named Soft Peaks Bakery, this home-based business(started by a pair of sisters) received such positive reviews about their tiramisu that they have since rebranded to SYIP and have a total of 2 outlets! At SYIP, not only do they offer specialty coffee and sweet desserts, they also have all-day brunch and mains that are not only unique, but also delicious! We got their signature Creamy Chicken Scrambled Egg Croissant($18), Ikura Kombu Capellini($18), Brown Butter Pancetta Linguine($22) and Kahlua Tiramisu($12). For drinks, we tried their SYIP White Coffee($7), Corn Cream Coffee($6) and Matcha Strawberry Latte($7.50). 

We can see why the Creamy Chicken Scrambled Egg Croissant is a popular choice here! The crispy croissant goes well with the creamy scrambled egg and sauce, giving the dish a well balanced combination of flavours and texture, namely the crunch and creaminess. As for the Ikura Kombu Capellini, the angel hair pasta complemented the ingredients perfectly, and in our eyes, nailed the fusion aspect perfectly. There was a burst of flavours from the ikura and a little kick of spice from the chilli flakes, which added to the overall seafood flavour of the noodles. Ryan even claimed that this is the BEST pasta he has eaten in his 4 years of hosting food shows. The Brown Butter Pancetta Linguine is definitely something we weren’t used to, and is suited for one who enjoys sweet and savoury flavours together. The noodle is on the sweeter side with a slight tang, while the pork had a crispy skin and wasn't overly salty. There were also bits of pepper that gave it a slight spice. 

The bold bitterness of the espresso hits, followed by the sweet creamy foam, making the SYIP White Coffee enjoyable. The Matcha Strawberry Latte balanced the flavours of the strawberry and matcha well. The Corn Cream Coffee is exactly as described and even had bits of corn in it to accentuate the taste of the corn!

Last but not least, the piece de resistance of SYIP, the dessert that started it all, their Kahlua Tiramisu! The tiramisu has an almost melt in your mouth feeling due to the softness of the mascarpone and ladyfinger. The balance of the alcohol, espresso and cocoa powder is on point as you can taste every element, without one outshining the other. Furthermore, the tiny chocolate balls atop the tiramisu adds greatly to the overall mouthfeel. This is a definite MUST GET at SYIP!  

For reading through the end, we have a promo code for you! Simply quote <GETFED10> to get 10% off your total bill*, applicable at both outlets!

Address: 79 Owen Rd, Singapore 218895
Opening Hours: 0900-1800 (Mon-Sun)

*Terms and conditions applies

Discover the latest articles that give you actionable design news.

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Discover the latest articles that give you actionable design news.

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Did you manage to spot the 2 promo codes throughout the article? After this episode, the standards for tiramisu has definitely been raised! SYIP really impressed us with their Ikura Kombu Capellini and Kahlua Tiramisu. If you know of a pasta that can beat theirs, and take first place in Ryan’s heart , let us know on our IG @getfedsg and we will give you our judgement!

Discover the latest articles that give you actionable design news.

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James Smith