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Follow us on our journey to look for the best food around the world! The sedap, the shiok, and the cannot make it… if you’re kiasu about missing out on all the makan happenings, don’t worry we got you covered! Don’t say bojio!!
Here is our current journey! (Link to master sheet)
EPISODE 8: Ultimate Eating Guide At Farrer Park

We caught up with Nicole Choo to learn more on her newest business venture!! Ryan also coincidentally finds his new favourite pasta after 4 years of doing food shows! Read on to find out what it is and you can try it for yourself using our promo code!

EPISODE 7: Top 3 Breakfast Places for Early Birds

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So we're introducing breakfast spots that make your early mornings WORTH IT! READ ON IF YOU WANT TO CATCH THE EARLY WORM!!

EPISODE 6: Hidden Gem at the East of Singapore

We have a old friend of the channel, Franster, introduce a hidden gem to us! Also, spice lovers rejoice, as we have some spicy treats in this episode that will surely tingle your senses!!!

EPISODE 5: Revisiting Food King Places ??!!

We continue with the hunt of finding FoodKing places! But this time with a new recommendation from Ryan! Also theres ANOTHER giveaway at the end of the article... click and find out how to particpate!

EPISODE 4: NTU Food beats the other Uni?!

In this episode, we continue our university food hunt at NTU! With a special guest, highly raved about in our comments...he's none other than Nigel! As a student in NTU, he brought us to his favourite eats! Read on to see if they were any good!

EPISODE 3: Are FOOD KING places still good??!!

In this HIGHLY requested episode, we present to you FOOD KING places REVISITED! Are they as good as Ryan remembers them after all this time? Read on to find out!

EPISODE 2: TOP 5 Food To Try In SMU

Our first collaboration with Brenda from The Smart Local!! There are people saying SMU has no good food?! Read on to see if thats really the case!

EPISODE 1: What we ate in JB?!

We spent a good 3 hours of jam to enter Johor Bahru to try the food recommended by our crew! Is it worth the trip? Read more to find out!